The latest recording collaboration between Starcke and Skillen, recorded at Digi-taal Studios, Kalk Bay.

Shapeshifter is the title of Maxim Starcke and Ronan Skillen’s second recording project, a follow up from their 2013 album Forgery which was recorded live at The Forge in Kalk Bay. In concert, they are joined by filmmaker Tom Glenn who adds atmospheric visual projections to an immersive and musically-exploratory sound experience. With influences from several genres of music across the globe, Shapeshifter can loosely be described as avant-garde ambient music with elements of experimental jazz set within a soundscape composition and minimalist cartography.

Inspired by the mystique of the nature and mythology of the Cape, especially that of parts of the Southern Peninsula, Shapeshifter - through sound and visuals - explores some of the ineffable, magical and otherworldly facets of this unique and majestic landscape.

noun: shapeshifter
(chiefly in science fiction or mythology) a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.

Tom Glenn - visual projections
Ronan Skillen - hybrid percussion kit, slide didgeridoo, udu, cymbals
Maxim Starcke - saxophones, electronics, sound design, guitar/bass, synth