A gathering of recordings made with my first home ‘studio’ setup that I produced while living at my family home at the foot of Table Mountain - and later at an apartment I shared with drummer and buddy Byron Howell in Rosebank, Cape Town …these tracks were a direct evolution from my early experimental sound art recordings during at high school in the late 1990s, overdubbed tape recordings on TDK cassettes which are presently unreleased. In the early 2000s while studying music at the South African College of Music UCT, I started to move towards composing for film and theatre with myself as an integral contributor to the live performance. ‘Escape Town’ was written for film maker Ben Collins’ 2007 MA film project ‘Screenplay’ while other recordings are pure experimentation. ” - M. S.

A raw, experimental recording, entitled Tendril Tapestry Transfiguration, composed/patched, generated and intuitively manipulated solely on a virtual modular synthesiser. Both tracks captured each in one take with minimal (if any) editing or post-production to preserve the initial sound quality and dynamic range. This release acts as a prelude to the forthcoming album The Flare…

This album is made up of a collection of audio samples and experimental recordings gathered over the last 15 years, plus some new elements added to the mix. Digitally sculpted into a conglomerate, it includes instrumental contributions by Matthew Rice, Byron R. Howell and features cover artwork ‘Recurring Dream’ by Helmut Starcke.

Produced by Maxim Starcke.

All instruments, recordings and production by Maxim Starcke (except where noted below). Audio recordings and samples collected over a period of 10-15 years and edited, digitally manipulated, constructed, composed, arranged and mixed by Maxim Starcke, Kalk Bay, South Africa.

Environmental/field recordings made in Betty’s Bay, on Trappieskop in Kalk Bay, Jakkelskloof, Cape Town in South Africa.

Soprano saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizer, electronics, digital manipulation, editing, mixing by Maxim Starcke / Drums on ‘Distant Flame’ by Byron R. Howell / Electric guitar on ‘Shard’ & ‘Dragon Mantra’ and overtone singing on ‘Dragon Mantra’ by Matthew Rice / Drums on ‘Mare Crisium’ by Maxim Starcke / Cluster vocals on ‘Amphibian Moon’ by Maxim Starcke & Ronan Skillen / Voice on ‘Amphibian Moon’ courtesy of Lisa Bauer / Voice on ‘Mare Crisium’ courtesy of Helmut Starcke.

Cover painting: ‘Recurrent Dream’ by Helmut Starcke (acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm)

Special thanks to Lisa Bauer-Starcke, Byron R. Howell, Matthew Rice, Helmut Starcke, Jane Davidson Starcke, Ronan Skillen & Tom Glenn.

Published by Starcke Arts.
© 2016 Maxim Starcke.
℗ 2016 Maxim Starcke.

Produced by Maxim Starcke

Maxim Starcke - electronics, field recordings, sampling, electric guitar, electric bass, voice, synthesizer, composition/arrangement and studio production

Cover painting: detail of ‘Karoo Travelogue Birdcalls” by Helmut Starcke (1969, acrylic on canvas)

Recorded and produced in Kalk Bay, Western Cape, South Africa between 2008-2012 except various field recordings made in Betty’s Bay, Salt River, Jakkelskloof, Darling etc.

Published by Starcke Arts.
© 2016 Maxim Starcke.
℗ 2016 Maxim Starcke.

Maxim Starcke - electric guitar / soprano saxophone / electronics / field recordings / soundscape compositions

Ronan Skillen - tabla / hybrid percussion kit / cymbals / slide didgeridoo / kitchi gbo / udu / water gongs / bells / thunder sheet

Recorded live at The Forge, Kalk Bay, South Africa by Ronan Skillen and Maxim Starcke on 19 November 2011 (Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6) and 21 February 2012 (Track 4 & 5)
Soundscape- & field recordings by Maxim Starcke
Co-produced and edited by Maxim Starcke & Ronan Skillen
Mixed by Ronan Skillen
Mastered by Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe at Sound and Motion Studios, Cape Town

Cover painting: Helmut Starcke ‘Prayer No. 3’ (acrylic on canvas, 152cm x150cm), 1983.

© 2013 Maxim Starcke and Ronan Skillen.
℗ 2013 Maxim Starcke and Ronan Skillen.