Thursday 11 September 2014
    Goethe Institute, Johannesburg
    UNYAZI AT GOETHE: The South African New Music Ensemble will premiere new work by Maxim Starcke, commissioned by NewMusicSA. Also featuring works by Jürgen Bräuninger, Angie Mullins, Georg Friedrich Haas and Mocke Jansen van Veuren / Theresa Collins.

Stroompie: Continuo is an expansion of the electronic-based soundscape composition Stroompie and was commissioned by New Music SA for the South African New Music Ensemble for première at Unyazi Electronic Music Festival 2014. It can be said to be a direct descendent of Starcke’s masters dissertation Aspects of Landscape Music and consists partly of field recordings, acousmatic music, live sampling with electronically enhanced- and acoustic instrumentation. These various elements connect to the composer’s personal experiences within sacred natural environments in the Western Cape’s Overberg region, childhood memories, clan/family gatherings, sound transformation via electronics and sound ecology within the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The South African New Music Ensemble:
Jill Richards (piano) · Waldo Alexander (violin) · Morne van Heerden (clarinet) · Frank Mallows (percussion) · Marguerite Spies (cello) · Brydon Bolton (double bass) · conducted by Gerben Grooten
with Maxim Starcke - laptop/electronics


List of Compositions:

CAPE DIMENSIONS for electronics, electric guitar, double bass, vibraphone and cymbals, premiered at the Unyazi Electronic Music Festival 2016: Infrastructures, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town. Performed by Maxim Starcke, Brydon Bolton and Frank Mallows.

STROOMPIE: CONTINUO for electronics and ensemble (2014), commissioned by NewMusicSA for the South African New Music Ensemble
Premiere: UNYAZI Electronic Music Festival 2014, Johannesburg

TRANSCENDING LANDSCAPE for soprano saxophone and string orchestra (2014)
Premiere: Cape Town Goema Orchestra 16 & 23 August 2014, SACM UCT, Cape Town

esCape for orchestra (2012, revised for and performed by the Cape Town Goema Orchestra November 2013)

OVERBERG SUITE for orchestra (revised for and performed by the Cape Town Goema Orchestra December 2012)
I. Mimi Marie’s Room
II. Lichen
III. Sugarbird
based on:

STROOMPIE for soprano saxophone + electric guitar + electronics + soundscape composition (2012)

Live soundscape composition for Leila Anderson’s EXOTIC ALIEN
(performing at On The Edge Of Wrong Festival 2011)

Soundscape composition/sound design for Leila Anderson & Chuma Sapotela’s SHLOF SHOYN MEIN KIND
(performed at the Standard Bank Arts Festival in Grahamstown).

Soundtrack to Ben Collins and Sanjin Muftic’s short film STRIPPED (2008)

Soundtrack to Ben Collins’ film SCREENPLAY
with instrumental contributions from Lisa Bauer, Ronan Skillen & Byron Howell (2007)
Selected for the Everglades International Film Festival 2007.

VALLEY OF THE RED GODS for string orchestra (2004)

PEACE FOR T.M.R. for violin, guitar, tabla & slide didgeridoo (2004)
written for Timon Wapenaar, Maxim Starcke & Ronan Skillen

(originally written for Ronan Skillen & Sontonga Quartet)

DE WETS BAY SUITE for violin and guitar (2003)
I. Passed the green-painted house
II. Characters on the rocks
III. Mimi Marie’s Room
IV. Stone, Fynbos, Sand and Sea

All titles and compositions © Maxim Starcke 2013